My Paradise

Thanks Titos of Agora Prefabs for sponsoring my new home 😛 .

The house is painted with bright white and blue creating a seaside summery feel. The mustard yellow walls inside brighten up the mood nicely. To divide rooms without building walls, I added a two-level platform surrounded by two transparent bead curtains the bedroom. The curtains naturally outline the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen comes with a romantic menu. You can enjoy some loving kisses with your beloved one when he is back home. No worries about having to buy too much furniture.

With 600L, you have almost everything seen in the picture. The house is furnished by myself so some of the items are not included in the house. For exact items you will get from the prefab pack, please check out Agora’s Marketplace HERE.

Hair: “”D!va“” Hair “Tomoko2”
Top: Elmont – Sleepless Nights – Heather (at Perfect Wardrobe)
Toy kitten: ~Pepper~ Cuddle Kitten (at Perfect Wardrobe)
Shoes: (TokiD) le piggy ballerina
Pose: Come with the couch
Prefab and furniture: Agora Prefab (To see what I used to decorate, click the pictures below.)

Motorbike is not included. LOL. I think it may look cute outside the house.

The two level platform is not included.


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