Belleza news – My Isis

1. Hair: TRUTH HAIR Abra – LightBlondes01
2. Mesh head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA v1.1
3. Mesh body: –Belleza– Isis
4. Texture clothes: {Indyra} Promise
5. Heels: Glamistry – PARRASANA Heels [PF1020] (@Kustom9)
6. Couch: DRD lobby couch
7. Location: Corruption

After months’ waiting, Belleza has finally released their updated pack a few days ago. The pack includes four new things: (1) an updated version of Venus mesh body with a new hud (2) Isis mesh body (petite version) (3) Freya mesh body (Curvy version) (4) a wardrobe hud. Many bloggers have already given a very scientific analysis on the pros and cons of the new bodies. This blog provides a very comprehensive comparison on the new Belleza mesh bodies and Maitreya’s. In this post, I’ll go over what I like about the updates and what I hope to see in the future.

1. The -Belleza- Mesh Body HUD V3:
The updated hud allows me to wear more varieties of clothes. You can click to hide a specific area on the body or a grouped body area. It saves me lots of time: Arms are further grouped into ‘upper arms’ and ‘lower arms’ tab; legs are further divided into ‘pelvis’ ‘upper legs’ and ‘lower legs’. One thing that I like to see in the future is after I click an area, instead of going away, I hope that they can just grey it out. So I can still recognize which part I have clicked on. Just in case I want to re-do the alpha.
2. A lot of hand gestures are kept to suit different photo needs. It’s more convenient to group ‘hands’ and ‘feet’ on the same tab. The great variety of hand style is one of the strengths of Belleza’s mesh body. 3. Three breasts options are provided. I will mostly stick to the natural one so this function is not a big deal to me. A variety of mesh nipple colour options have been put on this tab with a ‘on/off’ button, which is much easier to use. Besides the current skin textures “Belleza Classic presets), they have added some refinement to the skins which can be selected under ‘Belleza skins” Personally, I prefer the classic one. It seems to match with the face a little better. The seam along the long needs more work so that the face matches with the body better.
4. One big issue that I haven’t seemed to work out yet: Wearing mesh clothing on Isis and Freya.
I enjoy trying new shapes. However, after a few days’ testing, I feel a bit frustrated about wearing mesh clothes on the new bodies. Some stores make ‘Belleza-fit’ clothes to fit Belleza – Venus. These clothes do not work on isis and freya. That is to say, we still have to be patient and wait for stores to add ‘Belleza Isis-fit’ and ‘Belleza Freya-fit’ mesh clothes to their collection.

I have trust in Belleza that they’ll continue to bring improvement to our SL with their beautiful designs. I appreciated all the effort the store has put into bettering the mesh bodies. I look forward to more refinement in the future.


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