Kidman Latte’s Sketchbook: 30

1. Prefab: :HAIKEI: if I live in a hut _ gacha RARE
2. Airplane: {what next} Wearable Airplane – Executive (@The Arcade, Sep 2015)
3. {what next} Orchard Ladder
4. {what next} Orchard Fallen Apples Decor
5. {what next} Orchard Basket
6. Pixel Mode – Fall Harvest – Clucky’s Feed  (@The Arcade, Sep 2015)
7. d-lab- Chair-sheep-black02
8. +Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu – Sniff Sniff (@The Arcade, Sep 2015)
9. :Cheeky Pea: Duncan American Flag (@ Uber, August-September)
10. floorplan. wish you were here chart  (@The Chapter Four, September)
11. floorplan. neon II / darling RARE  (@The Arcade, Sep 2015)
12. :Cheeky Pea: Lanai Wicker Chair Cloud Vibrant (@The Fantasy Collective)
13. ::Cheeky Pea:: Repurposed Mono Panda Daybed (Adult) (@ The Mens Department, September)
14. :Cheeky Pea:: Repurposed Mono Wall Light (@ The Mens Department, September)
15. :Cheeky Pea: Lanai Milk Can
16. *Artisan Fantasy* Milltown Frames  (@The Chapter Four, September)
17. *Artisan Fantasy* Milltown Traveler’s Table  (@The Chapter Four, September)
18. *Artisan Fantasy* Milltown Critters  (@The Chapter Four, September)
19. *Artisan Fantasy* Money Plant Large and small  (@The Chapter Four, September)
20. *Artisan Fantasy* Milltown Hat Boxes  (@The Chapter Four, September)
21. *Artisan Fantasy* Leather Rag Rug  (@The Chapter Four, September)
22. :HAIKEI: if I live in a hut _ gacha {4} – Small table with books:
23. :HAIKEI: if I live in a hut _ gacha {5} – Wall decor
24. Apt B // Simple Comforts Hanging Plant 1 and 2
25. Apt B // Rustic Now – Detached Door (Gacha)
26. Apt B // Old & Rusted – Basket (Gacha)
27 :UR:. Transit Life – Curtains


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