Kidman Latte: 44 – Moon Festival

1. Turnip’s Skydome 2.0 (60×60) (Decorated by Rob mimulus)
2. Windmill V2 Final created by Lordisma Shepherd
3.  ~*GOD*~ Floating Lanterns – Blue
4. Cheeky pea: : Kitsch Young Lad Ghost  (@Uber, Sep-Oct)
5. :Cheeky pea: : Kitsch Lady Ghost (@Uber, Sep-Oct)
6. Cheeky pea:: Kitsch Little Lass Ghost (@Uber, Sep-Oct)
7. :Cheeky pea:: Kitsch Manly Ghost (@Uber, Sep-Oct)
8. :Cheeky pea:P: Kitsch Sign – Ghost (On he ground) (@Uber, Sep-Oct)
9. :Cheeky pea:: Kitsch Jack-o-Lantern (@Uber, Sep-Oct)
10. [CIRCA] – “Autumn Harvest” Basket – Pumpkins & Squash
11. [CIRCA] – “Autumn Harvest” Bushel Basket of Pumpkins – Brown


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