Kidman Latte’s Home-Work: 45

1. Prefab: {what next} Studio Apartment Skybox
2.  Tartessos Arts  Exalt Curtain
3.Tartessos Arts Exalt Couch
4. Tartessos Arts Exalt Armchair
5. Tartessos Arts Exalt Table (On the table: !! Follow US !! Suitcase photographer, :HAIKEI: a faint glow gacha {5} and TA Crossword Magazines)
6. Tartessos Arts Exalt Plant 2
7. Tartessos Arts Exalt Beige Rug
8. Tartessos Arts Exalt BookShelf with books and decor
9. Tartessos Arts Exalt Chairs Pile
10. Tartessos Arts Exalt Lamp
11. Tartessos Arts Exalt Hanging Lamp
12. :HAIKEI: Old empty house gacha {4} (Small picture at the bottom)
13. :HAIKEI: a faint glow gacha {4} (Small picture at the top AND the large picture on the right, they come as a set)
14. :HAIKEI: Old empty house gacha {5} (Small picture in the middle)
15. HIDEKI – Suitcase Endtable
16. –David Heather-Rolling Travel Bag RARE
17. {vespertine -used suitcase books}


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