Kidman Latte’s Home-Work: 21 Oct 2015

With Autumn in full swing, there is no better time to refresh the spaces that make up the heart of your lovely home. Enjoy my selections for you today.

  1. Prefab: :HAIKEI: Before Dawn (@ Shiny Shabby, Oct-Nov)
  2. HIDEKI – Old Rug
  3. Hideki – Tree Stump Table
  4. HIDEKI – Drying Rack
  5. HIDEKI – Boardgame (On the smaller table, right)
  6. :HAIKEI: Near sunset _ gacha {2} (Torch+papers on the table)
  7. :HAIKEI: Near sunset _ gacha {5} (Apples with plate on the table)
  8. :HAIKEI: Near sunset _ gacha {4} (Smaller table and chair set on the right)
  9. dust bunny . babybreath vase (Gatcha item)
  10. Cheeky Pea – Gosa Coffee Sofa (PG)
  11. Apple Fall Nardyas’ Tulips in Mason Jar
  12. Kalopsia – Deer Pul Along Toy
  13. floorplan. ladder light / cream A  (@ Collabor88)
  14. floorplan. love wire (@ Lost & Found, Oct)
  15. floorplan. industrial stool
  16. floorplan. feathers print (@ N21, Oct)
  17. junk. floor clock.
  18. [ zerkalo ] The Starlight Lamp (St Pete City Hunt, ended)

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