Kidman Latte – Teaser


I have been struggling if I should get a LOGO head for some time. This is because, there are more and more stores which start to make applier for it. However, the Omega-compatible version is not included in the Demo. It has put me off for getting it. Belleza’s latest release, Amber, has given me a good reason to give it a go. It will be available at Winter Trend, Winter Trend from 4th – 18th December. Here are some of my views about the LOGO head.

The face is nicely shaped. With the use of Belleza’s Amber, I am made very natural – looking. Another good thing I like about it is the emotion options available. They are very realistic and are clearly put on the menu.

Since it is omega-compatible, you need to buy an omega hud to unlock the function. It can be purchased at the vendor near the mesh head vendor OR on the Marketplace. It costs 90L (Quoted on 29 Nov 2015). There is a notecard telling you what to do. Please follow step by step.

In spite of the great shape, I hope I can be given the permission to make some adjustments to create a little different look. Lelutka and Catwa head at least offer the option of stretching the head or lengthening the head. That is to say, it is more likely to look alike other LOGO girls.



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