Kidman’s Home-Work: 10 Jan 2016


Thanks Harmony Garden for granting the rez right so I can do this picture.

  1. REDGRAVE – JAC Boat Shack V1.0 –
  2. Di’Cor Maritni Arm Chair [White]
  3. Di’Cor Maritni – 06. Dark Wood Round Table (It is manually modify-ok so I right click it to the edit menu and change the blue glass to grey)
  4. Bazar: Traveler-Bag 2
  5. Bazar: Traveler-Luggage stool
  6. Bazar: Living room-floor plant
  7. Uncertain Smile Deco – Table Lamp – Deco Fans
  8. Uncertain Smile -Regency Tea Set – Teapots and tea cups
  9. Ariskea[Nordica]  Hybrid Roses  Yellow

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