Kung Kei Fat Choi – Year of Monkey


It took me nearly a month to prepare for this post. As the Chinese New Year approaches, I would like to decorate a place with a combination of Asian elements: Chinese, Japanese and Hong Kong style. This is another exhibition area of my land –Ephemera II – displaying my second project – New Year in Second Life. I will open it to the public until I come up with another project. 🙂

Here, I feel the need to say that Chinese and Japanese styles are rather different, in spite of the similarities among their culture and architectures. Hong Kong is a mix of the East and West. So, you are unlikely to see ancient Chinese buildings here. Yeah, I’m afraid that most movies about Hong Kong fail to present the whole picture of the city.
The table I found from Xiaj is very Hong Kong styled though. In order to make it easy to clean up, people like to use newspaper as table cloth. When the meal is done, all you need is to wrap all the leftover and throw it to the bin.  The newspapers are printed in simplified Chinese though. LOL. I wish someone could make more Hong Kong styled to promote our unique culture.


  1. 8f8 – serene sanctuary – Koi House RARE
  2. 8f8_Chinese Lampion (The hanging lanterns)
  3. *bbqq*-The Ming dynasty-Chair-gold (Outside the house)
  4. 29 – 8f8 – Storyteller’s Burrow – Coffee Table (in between the two bbqq chairs)
  5. {anc} Bdream. umbrella:red
  6. [[RH]] -Kuruwa- Decoration -Crane- (Red and White)
  7. [[MB]] Kokeshi (The five dolls outside the house)
  8. 8 [MB] Japanese flower arrangement -senryou- (The plant outside the hosue)
  9. / XIAJ / Fu Wall Decoration
  10. xin. laundry wash tub
  11. xin. omikuji
  12. xin. hong kong dining table
  13. [[RH]] Nabe (TSUMIRE) (The hot pot and utensils on the table)

    ::::::On the inside:::::: (Picture 2)

  14. [MB] Tsukimi Dango set -susuki- (under the round window)
  15. 10 [MB] Tsukimi-dango (dango)
  16. 20 [[RH]] ZABUTON E (Secret rare) (The cushions)
  17. 14 [MB] New Year dish -osechi 3
  18. 13 [MB] New Year dish -osechi 2
  19. xin. rice cooker
  20. xin. picture frames (including the calendar and the clock)
  21. 5 [[RH]] YAKAN and Heater
  22. 6 [[RH]] Cat (red) CHIGURA
  23. 15 [[RH]] Kitty (Red)
  24. 15 [[RH]] Kitty (Gray)
  25. 8 [[RH]] Cat (Red) ONSEN
  26. 10 [[RH]] Cat Sit
  27. 2 [[RH]] Nabe set BOX [RARE] (The two balls on the bamboo mat)
  28. 8f8– serene sanctuary – Wall Fan
  29. 8f8 – serene sanctuary – Artist’s Chair and desk
  30. {anc} Bdream.sakurarium:yume RARE
  31. Apt B // Raw Materials Gacha – Lamp 1


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