Kidman Latte – Away


  1. Prefab: *ionic*  El Albergue
  2. junk. winter love garden chair.
  3. *KOPI* -succulent_watering can
  4. [ keke ] bottle of water (@ The Liaison Collaborative, March)
  5. [ keke ] bottle of spring water  (@ The Liaison Collaborative, March)
  6. [ keke ] milk bottle flower  (@ The Liaison Collaborative, March)
  7. dust bunny . storybook living . lavender tin
  8. *Artisan Fantasy* Hosta Potted White Tip w Purple Flowers (@The Chapter Four, March)
  9. *Artisan Fantasy* Apothecary Hanging Lavender
  10. *ionic* Aloe
  11. *ionic* Glass Lantern (floor)
  12. [Consignment.] Happiness Frame
  13. {what next} Hello There Wellies Decor (Fifty Linden Friday, 4 March)
  14. The Little Branch_AppleTree.V2

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