Kidman Latte – 7 March 2016


  1. Prefab: +CONVAIR+ Aspen Villa
  2. Vanity table: Serenity Style- Romance Vanity (@ The Liaison Collaborative, March)
  3. Tartessos Art– Infinity Palm
  4. *Artisan Fantasy* Hosta Potted White Tip w Purple Flowers (@The Chapter Four, March)
  5. Di’Cor Expresso Bed [Adult] (@Cosmopolitan, March)
  6. Di’Cor Expresso Table Lamp  (@Cosmopolitan, March)
  7. Di’Cor Expresso End Table  (@Cosmopolitan, March)
  8. {Reverie} Day Dream – Wooden Bird Three – Light Autumn (Birds on the bed)
  9. {Reverie} Day Dream – Candle Light Chandelier – Autumn
  10. {what next} Isabelle Clock Shelves (dark wood)  – with chimes
  11. {what next} Maison Drapes (long length)
  12. {what next} Toasty Slippers (Group Gift)
  13. 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Branches Coat Rack
  14. ISON – wooden chest (dark)
  15. Little Branch_BaldCypress (Outside the window)

One thought on “Kidman Latte – 7 March 2016

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