Kidman Latte – A Botanical Corner


  1. Prefab: :HAIKEI: Rooftop Atelie {SkyBox}
  2. Rub: :HAIKEI: Classic Rug_2
  3. Hanging lamp: Apple Fall – Edi’s Lamp (Wicker)
  4. 35_8f8 – New Beginnings – Long Window Curtain   (@The Arcade, March)
  5. Clustered. Rustic Corner. Weathered Bottles (Bottles by the window)
  6. [ keke ] zink trays w paper whites (@The Arcade, March)
  7. [ keke ] watering can – zinc (@The Arcade, March)
  8. [ keke ] metal tray cart   (@ The Liaison Collaborative, March)
  9. [ keke ] labeled medicine bottle – mercury fluid RARE (on the 2nd level of the cart)
  10.  Chic Building – Planter and Foliage – Pink Hers , Blue His
  11. floorplan. ivy ampersand (@Collabor88)
  12. floorplan. bottle candles
  13. Kalopsia – Bottle Vase – Blue (@ The Liaison Collaborative, March)
  14. Kalopsia – Spring Grunge Mini Set (The box is the package for the set. I found it a pretty decorative item on its own so I placed it under the blue vase)
  15. :Cheeky Pea: Lanai Wicker Chair Cloud Soft (PG/ Adult)
  16. Books: Apple Fall – Reading Pile
  17. [DDD] Wicker Candle Lantern – Thick Cylinder
  18. (iTuTu) petit vine leaf

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