Kidman’s Home-Work: 15 March 2016


It’s nice to be more creative when showing your care for someone. Surprise him with a whole new decoration in his house. Use earth colours as the main tone to create a homey feeling. These colors range from beige to dark browns. In the above living room, I would suggest some earth toned tea-ware, with or without a little blue on them. Enjoy decorating. 🙂

  1. Closet : Bazar – Glam-MALE closet WHITE
  2. DIGS – Milligan Couch –  (@ The Liaison Collaborative, March)
  3. DIGS – Milligan Chair  (@ The Liaison Collaborative, March)
  4. [CIRCA] – “Charlotte Bay” Coffee Table (3 woods w/ menu)
  5. .random.Matter. – Tea Time – Kettle  (@ The Liaison Collaborative, March)
  6. .random.Matter. – Tea Time – Sugar Bowl  (@ The Liaison Collaborative, March)
  7. .random.Matter. – Tea Time – Cup  (@ The Liaison Collaborative, March)
  8. Apt B // November Gacha Rug
  9. [Consignment] Basic Sidetable – Medium
  10. [Consignment] Regal lamp – freebie
  11. [NO CONCEPT] antique chandelier

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