Kidman Latte – A smile you won’t forget


  1. Hair (Picture 1): Opale . Sea Hair (Red) (@The Chapter Four, June) (The hair in the pic is modifed for art purpose, please try the demo.)
  2. Hair (Picture 2):  rezology Blood Oath
  3. Mesh Head: Genesis – Antonia (Cream)   (@Collabor88)
  4. Sunglasses: [Since 1975] – Starie Glasses
  5. Top: The Secret Store – Emma Set – Top – Dove   (@Collabor88)
  6. Shorts: The Secret Store – Emma Set – Shorts – Powder Blue   (@Collabor88)
  7. Heels: Hilly Haalan – Vista Heels (@Cosmopolitan)
  8. Couch: [we’re CLOSED] lounge pillow white linen
  9. Location: Maison de L’amitie Sim

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