Kidman Latte – 7 July 2016


  1. Trees: The Little Branch_BeachPalm (@Fameshed, July)
  2. House: Violetility – Tumbleweed Home  (@Cosmopolitan, 4th – 16th July)
  3. Kalopsia – Wind Crystals – Raw Crystals  (@The Chapter Four, July)
  4. .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Ladder 2 (@The Liaison Collaborative event, July)
  5. .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Pair of vases 1
  6. .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Sofa RARE
  7. >Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Ottoman 1
  8. .:Bee Designs:. Southwestern Gacha Kokopelli
  9. Location: Hide & Seek (Thanks for the rez permission)

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