Kidman’s Home-Work (4 Sep 2016)


  1. floorplan. teepee fort (gacha) / cats RARE  (@The arcade, September)
  2. floorplan. teepee fort lights / gold  (@The arcade, September)
  3. floorplan. teepee fort (gacha) / stars RARE  (@The arcade, September)
  4. floorplan. teepee fort (gacha) / pirate  (@The arcade, September)
  5. {what next} Provence Picnic Table- w/runner (including the Sandwich Tray, Drinks Tray (rose),  Cake, Bowl of Strawberries, Lantern, Picnic Basket,  Tray Table)
  6. {what next} Orchard Ladder
  7. {what next} Orchard Fallen Apples Decor
  8. {what next} Orchard Basket

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