Kidman Latte – Moon Drops


  1. :HAIKEI: Moon Drops gacha / RARE (The shop)   (@Kustom9, September)
  2. :HAIKEI: Moon Drops gacha {6-2} (Moon Drop, pink)   (@Kustom9, September)
  3. :HAIKEI: Moon Drops gacha {4}    (@Kustom9, September)
  4. :HAIKEI: Moon Drops gacha {5}   (@Kustom9, September)
  5. :HAIKEI: Moon Drops gacha {2} (The ice cream light)   (@Kustom9, September)
  6. {what next} Vintage Soda Crates
  7. {what next} Amalfi Cafe Set for Two (lipstick)
  8. [CIRCA] – “Charlotte Bay” Retro Chair2 -12 pos & 10 colour menu
  9. [CIRCA] – “Jaqua” Leafy Planter – Tall – Black
  10. *AF* Hosta Potted Green
  11. *AF* Houseplant Snake Plant
  12. *AF* Money Plant Large
  13. *Funky*Junk* Croton Plant
  14. floorplan. cafe frame
  15. floorplan. “always.”
  16. floorplan. neon II / bada bing RARE [c/m/nt]
  17. floorplan. string party lights A [on]
  18. Thanks Grace of Hope for the rez permission.

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