Kidman Latte – Christmas ideas for you


  1. floorplan. north pole toy co. (@ Collabor88, December)
  2. floorplan. joyeux noel chalkboard (@ Collabor88, December)
  3. Botanical – Decorative Light Set – Flat Scattered
  4. HPMD* Christmas Socks (GG/Dec.2012)
  5. ionic : Winter Lights  (@The Chapter Four, December)
  6. ionic : Christmas Decor  (@The Chapter Four, December)
  7. ionic : Ladder Books (near the fireplace)  (@The Chapter Four, December)
  8. ANE Christmas Decortion
  9. {elusive design}lusive Fireplace  (@The Liaison collaborative, Dec)
  10. {elusive design} Light string with cards  (@The Liaison collaborative, Dec)
  11. {elusive design} Book Tree with Lights 1  (@The Liaison collaborative, Dec)
  12. {elusive design} Candles Mirrored  (@The Liaison collaborative, Dec)
  13. Tartessos Arts – Noor Books
  14. {what next} Medium Crown Lantern (silver) (@ Collabor88, December)
  15. {what next} Christmas Gift Box (Gingerbread)
  16. {what next} Christmas Gift Box (Merry Xmas)
  17. {what next} Christmas Gift Box Tower
  18. Apple Fall Joyeaux Noel
  19. (fd) Cat – 03 Sitting Lazy
  20. (fd) Cat – 15 Maru Pose RARE
  21. [CIRCA] – Gingerbread Cookie Friends – Sit on Edge
  22. :CP: Book Nook Strapped Books

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