Kidman Latte – 24 June 2017


  1. BUENO-Stone Skybox RARE  (@The Arcade , June 2017)
  2. Di’Cor Catherine Sofa (@ Shiny Shabby, June)
  3. Di’cor Catherine Armchair (@ Shiny Shabby, June)
  4. Di’Cor Catherine Rug (@ Shiny Shabby, June)
  5. Di’Cor Catherine End Table (@ Shiny Shabby, June)
  6. Di’Cor Catherine Candleabra [Gold] (@ Shiny Shabby, June)
  7. Di’Cor Catherine Chandelier [Gold] (@ Shiny Shabby, June)
  8. {what next} Swiss Cheese Plant (stand)
  9. Ariskea[Isabelle] Hydrangea Vase [Pourpe]
  10. Ariskea [Le Secret] Wall Clock

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