Kimmy Rare™ – Décor


  1. Trompe Loeil – Shelby Creek Lodge
  2. [Bellarose Designs] Corina Dining Table (@Cosmopolitan, Jan)
  3. [BR] Corina Dining Chair (@Cosmopolitan, Jan)
  4. [BR] TrIo Brass Candle Set (@Cosmopolitan, Jan)
  5. [BR] PlaceSetting neutral (@Cosmopolitan, Jan)
  6. [BR] Roses CenterPiece (@Cosmopolitan, Jan)
  7. [BR] Tropical Floor Plant (@Cosmopolitan, Jan)
  8. ::Tartessos Arts::  Embassy Rug
  9. ::Tartessos Arts::  Embassy Fireplace
  10. ::Tartessos Arts::  Embassy Bookcase
  11. Apple Fall – Verdant Oil Painting
  12. [ keke ] glitter chandelier . aged .
  13. :Cheeky Pea: Rowan Tea Screen

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