This is our truck! – Ducklings vs Piglets

  • [For bigger and clearer images, please visit my Flickr]
  • Sim Clutter – Milk Truck – Rare
  • Yokai – Quack-Quack! – Duckling Bee RARE (the one sitting on the flowers) (@Shiny Shabby, Mar / Apr)
  • Yokai – Quack-Quack! – Bunny Duckling (yellow/ white) (on the top of the truck)
  • Yokai – Quack-Quack! – Giraffe Duckling (yellow)
  • Yokai – Quack-Quack! – Sad Duckling (on the truck engine)
  • Yokai – Quack-Quack! – Kitty Duckling
  • Foxwood – Piglets – Spot RARE (Specially made for the Lootbox, click here to see the full collection.)
  • Foxwood – Piglets – Pink
  • Foxwood – Piglet – Loaf – black
  • Special thanks to Missing Melody for the rez permission, so that I can rez these objects to create this picture.

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