Kidman Latte – HomeWork – 2021

  1. [For bigger and clearer images, please visit my Flickr]
  2. Scarlet Creative Charlotte’s Corner House Boat or Cabin – White
  3. [Cinoe] Coffee living – Cold coffee (Dispencer) (@Fameshed, May)
  4. [Cinoe] Coffee living – Strawberry ice waffle (Dispencer)
  5. [Cinoe] Coffee living – Matcha ice waffle (Dispencer)
  6. .::THOR::..Ceramic Tiles Vase (@The Arcade, June)
  7. ..::THOR::.. Utility Shelf Lemon
  8. ..::THOR::.. Stacked Boards
  9. ..::THOR::.. Vintage Blender Metal
  10. ..::THOR::.. Ceramic Squeezer Orange
  11. ..::THOR::.. Old’s Man Brew
  12. ..::THOR::.. Stacked Bowls A
  13. ..::THOR::.. Stacked Bowls B
  14. ..::THOR::.. Ceramic Pitcher Yellow
  15. ..::THOR::.. Backyard Lights
  16. ..::THOR::.. Place Setting
  17. ..::THOR::.. Cocktail Prep – RARE
  18. ..::THOR::.. Fruit Crate – RARE
  19. ..::THOR::.. Picnic Table
  20. ..::THOR::.. Prep Board RARE
  21. .::THOR::.. Backyard BBQ RARE

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