:::About reviewing:::

Thank you for thinking of me when you look for bloggers.

As a dedicated blogger, I spend a lot of time styling designer’s things at their best and look for the best background and poses for my graphic works. Please be patient and allow me to THINK and style. You’re invited to read the following before dropping me your great works. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk .

Please respect that:

1. I blog things when I am confident to make them look good. Otherwise, I prefer using it later. Usually, I can work out a post within 3-7 days;

2. I am interested in blogging fashion, skins (not shapes), events, poses, accessories, quality freebies, furniture and houses;

3.  I mix and match fashion items. I blog the whole outfit but sometimes I just select some pieces to mix and match. I will use other components when I see them fit. Same as poses;

4. My group space is sort of full at the moment. If you find it okay, feel free to drop your item to me directly in a BOX with landmark and details. It will be great if you use a mailing list too. Previous or new releases are welcomed.

5.Permission is needed if you want to use my artworks;

Last but not least, I support original creations. I’ll appreciate if you would provide information about problematic items. SL is just too large that I may not be able to know everything.

Thank you once again for your trust and encouragement.

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