:::Explore with Kidman:::

Thanks for some very generous bloggers and photographers like Cajsa Lilliehook to share some SLURLs with us. I’m going to revisit those places and try to provide updates for everyone. Kindly share with me if adjustments are needed.

Must-visit Sims:
Black Kite (Rez ok, group tag required)
It all starts with a smile
Lust (Rez ok)
Pure Dream  (Rez ok)
Dreamworld North   (Rez ok)
Pretty Island
Small town of green (Rez ok, group tag required)
Voc Linda (Rez ok)
Oxitage (Rez ok)

Cavern of Aleval (Rez ok)
Charkryn (Rez ok)
Magenta Skies (Rez ok)

Clubs and urban sims:
Shady Fall
Chicago 1920’s (Rez ok)

Elven Mist  (Rez ok)
Empress and Hierphant
World’s End Garden


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