Poetry Sharing

Bench: Botanical – Wood Bench
Bin: Botanical – Wood Park Trash Bin
Chipmunks: *MishMish* Chipmunk – Reading a story, *MishMish* Chipmunk – Sitting, *MishMish* Chipmunk – Holding Lantern
Location: Prides Crossing decorated by Serene Footman
Woodpecker (on the tree): RedCrowned Woodpecker v1.3
Tree: LARCH 01 dry (more pines) by Nadine Reverie
Tree2: Botanical – T2C Sugar Maple C

I Wear – October 22

1. Hat: 8f8 – Marco the Great Explorer, Daisy the Ant Listener,  Jacques Le Scuba Dry Suit, Susan the Calm Monster, Norma the Grumpy, Arthur the Courageous, Wilma Cool Grabby Hands  (@ The Season’s Story, October)
2. Skin: .la petite morte. bonnie t3  (@ The Season’s Story, October)
3. Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Brickworks Hair – Basic
4. Sweater: :NuDoLu: Sweat minimaliste Rose antique – (@ The Chapter Four, October)
5. Shorts: (fd) Scallop Shorts – Denim
6. Bag: =Zenith=Saladbag (choco/ patchwork A)  (@ The Season’s Story, October)

I Wear – October 21

1. Hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Vines – Browns – Coffee
2. Skin: -Belleza- Grace Med 4 R
3. Coat: MOTIAME – MESH High Collar Women’s Coat  (@ The Season’s Story, October)
4. Skirt:  MOTIAME – MESH High Collar Women’s Pleated Skirt  (@ The Season’s Story, October)
5. Boots: SCHADENFREUDE MESH Zirnitra boots for SLink AvEnhancement feet  (@ The Season’s Story, October)
6. Pose: Kirin Poses – Autumn Leaves 2 / Pose 2 1  (@ The Season’s Story, October)
7. Location: Prides Crossing decorated by Serene Footman